My name is Kookie and I’m a Licensed & Certified Holistic Aesthetician, Makeup Artist, & Life Coach who specializes in Brows, Skincare, Natural Makeup Application & Skincare Education. I’m also currently in school to get my Aesthetics Instructor’s license. I have over 6 years of experience providing brow and makeup services, performing varies skincare services with great results, and teaching skincare across the city and online.

As an aesthetician I’m here to motivate, influence, and teach you how to care for your skin and yourself from the inside out. Most people treat the skin, I treat you from within & help that glow from your aura radiate on the outside. Because BEAUTY IS NOT JUST SKIN DEEP, it’s EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED & MENTALLY DRIVEN from the inside out.

Now let’s connect that inward feeling to that outward appearance. Remember the love you have for yourself will radiate and connect with the love you have for others. Remember to check out some of my work in our gallery.

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